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Le Sweet

Le Sweet Le Savory offers modern and traditional dishes that are quintessential and intriguing to the palate. Our menu is designed to fill small plate, course-by-course offerings.

Le Savory

We provide custom catering services for all types of special events. From weddings to business meetings, our chefs treat your guests to a truly spectacular menu based on your unique needs.

In Business since 2010
More Than 10 Years of Experience
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Our Story

Celebrate in style with Le Sweet Le Savory, a unique catering company in Bronx, New York. We offer the best of both worlds: diverse, course-by-course meals and made-from-scratch desserts.

Owner Maria Lao is passionate about creating exciting, savory delights, pleasing her customers, and expanding her client base. She uses nothing but the freshest, in-season ingredients to create truly spectacular meals.

Contact our catering company at (866) 278-6064 to schedule a consultation and create the perfect menu for your big party.